Brake discs
Brake discs

Brake discs and brake linings from Hella Pagid - optimum friction partners

HELLA PAGID brake disc with brake lining
During the development process for Hella Pagid brake linings, the brake disc - the direct friction partner to the linings - is inevitably taken into account. Hella Pagid brake discs and Hella Pagid brake linings are therefore perfectly matched to each other in terms of safety, comfort, and service life, thus forming the perfect friction pair. Our range includes more than 1,450 brake discs. We thereby cover almost 97% of the automotive market in Western Europe.

We also supply a complete range of rear brake discs with integrated wheel bearings and ABS sensors for special vehicle models. Locating screw sets are also available as part of our range; discover more here.


Hella Pagid PRO brake discs

To date, the complete range of brake discs includes more than 750 coated Hella Pagid PRO brake discs. We are responding to the distinct trend towards coated brake discs by continuously expanding our range. We currently cover 75-80% of demand.

Hella Pagid PRO brake discs guarantee unique performance and an optimized look thanks to the optimum choice of material and a 100% coating of the entire brake disc to prevent corrosion. This optimized coating ensures improved aesthetics and appearance of the brake discs when used with aluminum rims, for example. Corrosion protection also prevents the formation of rust.

Thanks to the coating, there is no need for preservative oil which would need to be removed during fitting. This saves time and money in the workshop.

Hella Pagid locating screws set for brake discs

The Hella Pagid locating screws set enables you to easily assemble brake discs. This saves you time and also makes it easier to replace damaged locating screws.

Hella Pagid offers a complete set with all 12 locating screws commonly found on the market in a metal case. You can also order individual locating screws.


HELLA PAGID two-piece brake disc

Performance. Light-weight design. Comfort.
The new two-piece brake disc
The two-piece brake disc from HELLA PAGID
Two components go all out
The two-piece brake disc from HELLA PAGID comprises two separate components. While the brake disc chamber is made from super lightweight aluminum, the friction ring comprises high-carbon gray cast iron ─ the ideal connection for high demands.
The two elements are interconnected by high-strength, rust-free rivets.

Improved comfort and efficiency. With ease!
Conventional brake discs are made from 100% gray cast iron. By substituting with considerably lighter aluminum, a weight savings of up to 20% can be achieved and also leads to a considerable reduction in the unsprung mass of the brake system. The result: More nimble handling and a substantial gain in driving comfort. That is not all, however. The innovative design also lowers fuel consumption, which in turn measurably reduces exhaust emissions that are harmful to the environment.
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