Garages & Services / 19.11.2015
Garages & Services / 19.11.2015

New in the Hella Pagid Portfolio: High-Carbon Brake Discs

Improved properties due to high carbon percentage in cast material // Black paint sets visual accents

Essen, November 19, 2015. High-carbon brake discs with environmentally-friendly black paint now complete the Hella Pagid product portfolio, the brake specialist in the independent aftermarket business. While black, high-carbon brake discs are already par for the course among many original equipment manufacturers, this is not yet the case in the independent aftermarket. Hella Pagid recognized this trend early on and is one of the first providers to offer black Carbonic brake discs.



High-carbon brake discs have a higher percentage of carbon in the cast material compound, which is why they are referred to as "high-carbon brake discs". Compared to brake discs with a lower percentage of carbon, high-carbon discs offer better braking characteristics and were developed especially for European premium and performance vehicles. The high-carbon brake discs from Hella Pagid can take higher temperature loads and have optimal damping characteristics for reduced brake noise. Thanks to expedited heat dissipation, the discs provide continuously high braking performance with minimal fading -- including in extreme situations or when driving in a sporty manner. The risk of the material deforming is also greatly minimized due to the improved heat dissipation characteristics. The result is less brake shudder and disc runout as well as more gradual and progressive braking.



The new Carbonic brake discs also set visual accents thanks to their black paint, which especially comes to the fore together with open-face rims. Hella Pagid is the only provider in the market to offer all-black brake discs and paints not only the brake disc bowl and ventilation components. The black coating on the contact surfaces is worn away after braking just a few times. The coating applied is a special environmentally-compatible water-based paint that protects against corrosion and is resistent to rim cleaners. Thanks to the black coating, there is no need to remove any preservative oil, thus making it possible to install the brake disc immediately after unpacking.



High-carbon brake discs are fitted predominantly on the front axle. To ensure a uniform appearance, Hella Pagid also offers black, non-high-carbon brake discs for the rear axle. To further facilitate installation, Carbonic brake discs can also be ordered with fixing bolts if so required.



"As is the case with all products from Hella Pagid, our Carbonic brake discs meet all relevant requirements from original equipment manufacturers", asserts Thomas Gorkow, Director of Product Management and Marketing at Hella Pagid. "These include the material structure, production methods, chemical composition, manufacturing tolerances, product design and corrosion protection. We also continually inspect our brake discs in a number of test series, including tests to verify durability, tensile strength, thickness tolerance, heat dissipation and 3D dimensional checks as well as spray tests. This is why garages and drivers alike can place their trust in our products."


Go to for more information on Carbonic brake discs from Hella Pagid. Carbonic Black Edition brake discs are currently sold only in selected countries.


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