Technology & Products / 02.07.2015
Technology & Products / 02.07.2015

HELLA LED worklight with compact design and high light output

Module 70 LED with 2 500 lumen and Module 90 LED with 3 400 lumen light output now available // Use of innovative high-power multichip LEDs 

Lippstadt, Germany, July 02, 2015. Compact LED worklights are ideal for installing in tight spaces. However, compared to Xenon models, their light output has always been slightly lower. Until now that is; HELLA, the lighting expert, has just launched two compact new worklights, incorporating innovative high-power multichip LEDs with an extremely high light output, onto the market: The fourth generation Module 70 LED with 2 500 lumen and Module 90 LED with 3 400 lumen light output. Owing to these properties, both worklights already belong to the standard specification of models by renowned original equipment manufacturers, such as the new WARRIOR by tractor manufacturer DEUTZ-FAHR. The worklights are already available in the aftermarket.


Three high-power multichip LEDs are used in the Module 70 LED worklights. These lights contain a multifaceted reflector which ensures homogenous lighting of the working area. Yet surprisingly, the power consumption of the headlamp is only 30 watts. In addition to the traditional close and long-range illumination, extra wide illumination using a highly-diffusing cover lens is also available for special applications. All illumination variants have a symmetrical configuration which means the headlamp can be upright or pendant mounted. With a diameter of only 80 millimeters, the compact Module 70 LED is particularly suitable for installation in tight spaces. It can also hold its own with equivalent Xenon devices due to its high light output of 2 500 lumens.


With a diameter of 107 millimeters, the Module 90 LED is slightly bigger than the Module 70 LED and therefore produces an even higher light output. It is equipped with four high-power multichip LEDs which means it can deliver a total output of 3 400 lumens thus outperforming even the powerful xenon headlight. The power consumption amounts to only 36 watts which is lower than standard xenon values. The Module 90 LED is available with standard close and long-range illumination. When developing the reflector, special attention was paid to the light distribution in order to produce extensive homogenous illumination of the working area and provide the perfect conditions for working at night, even when both variants are combined.


As before, both worklights are equipped with active multivolt electronics that ensure unwavering levels of brightness, even when fluctuations of between 9 and 33 volts occur in the vehicle electrical distribution system. This means they can be operated in combination with 12 and 24-volt vehicles. The integrated electronics protect the headlamp in the event of polarity reversal and also against overvoltage. In addition to protection against electrical effects, effective heat dissipation is another important characteristic that guarantees a long service life. The aluminum housings of the LED worklights are equipped with cooling fins that ensure the necessary dissipation of the heat produced by the high-power LEDs. HELLA also uses a special thermal management system that prevents overheating and consequential degradation of the LEDs. If overheating occurs, as a result of powerful insolation for example, the integrated temperature sensors respond. They dim the input current of the headlamp which leads to a reduction in light output. This prevents overheating or failure of the system. As soon as the headlight is at operating temperature once again, operation at full power can be resumed.


With a color temperature of 6 500 degrees Kelvin, the light produced by the LED worklight is very similar to daylight. This increases contrast rendition which helps to distinguish colors more easily in the dark, and makes sensory perception via the human eye much easier – thus facilitating safer and more efficient working.
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