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HELLA is sharpening the senses of the connected car

The lighting and electronics supplier will be present at the IAA Cars, located in the Connected Car Pavilion in the New Mobility World (Hall 3.1)

Lippstadt, Germany, August 04, 2015. Under the theme of "HELLA is making sense(s)", the lighting and electronics supplier HELLA is preparing to unveil its vision for the connected car of 2020 at the IAA Cars exhibition in Frankfurt am Main. From September 15th to 27th, visitors will have the chance to visit the HELLA booth in the Connected Car Pavilion in the New Mobility World (Hall 3.1) and learn about how connected cars can use innovative solutions to perceive, process and even interact with their environment. Practical real-life scenarios will give visitors first-hand insights into HELLA's innovative solutions. For example, in response to a scratch or dent on the vehicle body, a sensor can immediately detect the intensity of the damage, the time it occurred and its location on the vehicle. This information is then sent to the vehicle owner via a smartphone or a radio transmitter key. Visitors to HELLA's booth will be able to see for themselves and discuss how this damage recognition feature interacts with other lighting and electronics solutions in the connected car of the future.



At this year’s IAA Cars, HELLA is using this practical approach to demonstrate how innovative lighting and electronics solutions can be used to give a vehicle senses and enable it to process and communicate environmental information. All of this is in pursuit of the ultimate goal: enabling the vehicle to make and implement autonomous decisions. In short: HELLA is making sense(s).
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