Technology & Products / 07.05.2015
Technology & Products / 07.05.2015

An LED light made for warriors


Treviglio, Italy, May 07 2015. The collaboration between DEUTZ-FAHR and HELLA has produced the first tractor in the market to incorporate an LED light package of the latest generation with up to 2,470 Lumen per module: the DEUTZ-FAHR, first introduced during the SIMA 2015 trade show in Paris. The new light package represents another milestone for the multiple award winning DEUTZ-FAHR 7 Series and something new for the entire market.


The HELLA Module 70 LED Generation IV currently offers the highest light output in this compact design.


Equipped with 3 high-performance multichip LEDs, the Module 70 LED is rated to 2,470 lumens while consuming just 30 watts of energy. The worklight's black housing is made of aluminum and incorporates cooling fins ensuring sufficient heat dissipation from the high-power LEDs.


The WARRIOR is equipped with a perfect mix of Module 70 LED worklights with close, long, and extra wide range illumination. Thereby the light is distributed homogeneously across the workspace exactly where it is needed.


With a color temperature of 6,500 kelvin, the light from the LED worklight is very similar to daylight. This helps to distinguish colors more easily in the dark, and thus facilitates the human eye's sensory perception task while combating fatigue.


The electronics of the Module 70 LED are multi-volt compatible and can therefore be operated with a 12 or 24-volt power supply. The integrated electronics protect the device in the event of polarity inversion and guarantee constant brightness, even when operating voltage fluctuates between 9 and 33 volts. In addition, temperature sensors protect the worklight from overheating. These factors guarantee the long service life of the LED’s and a safe environment while working at night. The limited edition DEUTZ-FAHR 7250 WARRIOR with the new Module 70 LED light system is available to order now.

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