Technology & Products / 08.03.2016
Technology & Products / 08.03.2016

HELLA at the light + building exhibition: with a focus this time on client-specific LED lighting solutions

Highlights: a 5,000-lumen Eco module, the new street lighting family of Eco StateLine, the Highbay IL Up bay lights, intelligent lighting control systems for streets and industry

Lippstadt / Germany, March 08, 2016. At the 2016 light + building, the world's largest trade fair for lighting and building technology running from March 13-18 in Frankfurt am Main, the lighting expert HELLA is all set to showcase intelligent LED lighting solutions for the street and industry sectors (Hall 5.0/Stand A70). The innovations going on display include the optimized Eco module boasting 5,000 lumens, the newly developed Eco StateLine side-mounted and top-mounted luminaires, the Highbay IL Up bay lights for especially high and very large halls and also the new, intelligent lighting control for streets and industry, a development which allows individual illumination requirements to be met even more efficiently.

The newest generation of the Eco module concept will be premiered at the light + building: the 5,000-lumen module. As the updated successor to the 2,500-lumen module, it encompasses all the advantages of the module concept and, thus, enables its users to move simply and swiftly to the newest generation. Replacements are made using the plug and play system on the basis of the interface already available. The result is that the light output and lifecycles of the Eco StreetLine and IndustryLine series have been once again improved. This new version, too, just like its predecessor, boasts a very long service life and has low maintenance and repair costs thanks to its innovative LED technology.

In addition to displaying the new arrivals in the Eco CityLine, the family of decorative street lighting based on the Eco Circle module, the trade fair stand will also be exhibiting, for the first time, the new Eco StateLine side-mounted luminaire and top-mounted luminaire, lighting which is able to offer countless new options with the result that individual customer needs can be covered even more fully. The variable character of this lighting is mirrored in its luminous flux, which ranges from 2,000 to 20,000 lumens, in its light distribution and as regards its electrical control, to name a few examples. It also offers a variety of dimming options leading to yet again more improvements in energy-saving. Motion sensor lighting, the option of centrally controlled lighting, energy consumption measurement and traffic counting are all additional functions, which, thanks to open interfaces, can be brought about irrespective of the system used and also in line with customer specifications As is the case with all lamps to come out of the ateliers of the lighting expert HELLA, the new Eco StateLine series also remains true to the fundamental concept advocating "simplicity.innovation.sustainability" and therefore sports a modular design. Thanks to the plug and play connection system, the LED unit and smartbox, housing all the electrical components, can be replaced without the need for any tools and within a matter of seconds. No technically skilled staff members are required for the maintenance of the lamps. Furthermore, the innovative side-mounted and top-mounted luminaires have a new optical concept whereby the LED and the optics are no longer treated as separate systems but have been designed to form one unit. As part of the complete overmolding of the LED circuit board, the lens optics have been connected positively to the LEDs and thus directly generate, i.e. without any other optical elements, the desired light distribution. Such a development has the key advantage that any illumination loss is kept to a minimum. As a result of the complete overmolding with optical silicone, the LED circuit board is also perfectly mechanical and electrically insulated, which means that any other housing components are no longer needed, thus leading to yet more savings. The thin silicone layer on the back of the LED module allows the heat generated by the LEDs to be conducted away optimally to the heat sink (the lamp housing), thus guaranteeing the long service life of the LEDs.

The newly developed LED bay light, the Highbay IL Up, designed for efficient illumination of industry sites, factory floors, production halls and warehouses, will also be presented at the light + building trade fair. Embellished with an attractive industrial-style design, this flat-shaped light, with its housing of light aluminum and the absence of any cooling fins, achieves, thanks to an intelligent driver system, optimal illumination of large areas with high headroom. The new bay light is available in a choice of three models, either with 14,000, 20,000 or 30,000 lumens of luminous flux. The power consumption of each model is correspondingly 100 watts, 160 watts or 230 watts.

Factoring into the equation that every customer places different demands on lighting concepts, HELLA is therefore now presenting the new, intelligent lighting control of the Eco module concept. The system, which is structured at 4 different levels, enables the Eco module to be used with the standard facility, BASIC, (on/off function and night-time dimming), with the extended configuration known as BASIC+ (memory-programmable module, self-sufficient control at any level (Astrodimm)) or with the intelligent version called SMART (open interface for lighting control (1-10 V/DALI), plus integration of client-specific control possible). The advantages are obvious: every situation is illuminated exactly as the customer wishes and, if his requirements change, a new suitable solution is always waiting in the wings thanks to the modularity character of the system. The fourth level comes in the form of SMART+: By means of integrating control components on the basis of radio, UMTS and Powerline, it is possible to achieve the highest degree of flexibility and, consequently, the greatest possible scope when integrating lamps into client-specific control systems. And an added bonus is that lamps can also be programmed to suit client-specific requirements.
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