Technology & Products / 09.11.2015
Technology & Products / 09.11.2015

HELLA’s automotive lighting design for the agricultural sector

HELLA develops a tailor-made lighting system for DEUTZ-FAHR’s new Series 9

Lippstadt, November 09, 2015. HELLA has more than 100 years’ experience of supplying original automotive equipment and continually furthers the development of lighting technology. HELLA also applies this expertise to the agricultural vehicles sector, in which modern lighting solutions and design are gaining increasing significance. In this same area HELLA is primarily promoting tailor-made and customer-specific solutions and LED technology. Compared to conventional halogen light sources, LEDs not only provide better illumination and consume less power, but also make it possible to create entirely new trends in vehicle design and greatly improve brand identity and appearance.

In close cooperation with DEUTZ-FAHR, HELLA has now brought about a world premiere in the history of automotive design for the agricultural sector: the first fully customer-specific work light cover installed in a tractor. With 4,200 lumens, it emphasizes the unmistakable style of the DEUTZ-FAHR 9340 TTV and also illustrates how technological, process and quality expertise can be systematically transferred from the automotive equipment sector into the field of agricultural vehicles. The cover is designed as a hybrid that uses LED light sources to combine close-range and long-range illumination in a single unit. Each strip of the work light cover has approximately 1,000 lumens and constitutes a work light in its own right that can also be mounted separately. The cover is also CAN-bus capable.

The three models in the DEUTZ-FAHR 9 TTV series are further distinguished by engine power ranging from 270 to 340 hp and are equipped with continuously variable TTV transmissions. In addition to driver comfort, fuel economy and low operating costs, the tractors are also persuasive by virtue of their accomplished design, which was created in collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro. This was confirmed when the DEUTZ-FAHR 9340 TTV was awarded the “Golden Tractor for the Design” 2015, illustrating the unmistakable trend towards individual design in agricultural vehicles.
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