Technology & Products / 10.09.2015
Technology & Products / 10.09.2015

New LED panel light for offices and shops from HELLA

Efficient lighting, simple and stylish design and easy mounting thanks to standard dimensions

Lippstadt, Germany, 10 September, 2015. Offices and schools, conference rooms or sales spaces - good light is essential everywhere. This is why HELLA the lighting expert is constantly extending its range of lighting products with LED technology. The panel lights in the Office Eco series are a new solution for office space. They are particularly efficient thanks to LEDs, which are now established as the primary light source of choice for many areas of life. The semi-conductors are extremely economical, produce more pleasant light that is similar to daylight and have a service life of around 60,000 operating hours, which is equivalent to 12 years on average.


The Office Eco series panel lights come in standard dimensions which allows them to be installed in grid ceilings with no problems at all. Thanks to their simple yet stylish design, the lamps merge with the overall decor and provide excellent lighting without distracting. HELLA offers additional installation kits with which it is possible to fit the panel lights to the surface of the ceiling.


Different studies have shown that light affects both mood and concentration in humans. Despite the knowledge of how light can impact on a space, few offices, classrooms and conference rooms have been converted to use modern LED lamps. People who work in poor light often tire more quickly and suffer more frequently from headaches and a lack of concentration. These problems increase the further the workstation is from a window. It is not just the low illuminance that is the problem, but also the spectral composition, also known as the color, of the light source. Put simply, a warm white light has a calming effect; cold white light with a proportion in the blue part of the spectrum is stimulating, because is it similar to daylight and supports the biorhythm. The Office Eco series from HELLA meets these requirements and provides homogeneous illumination. HELLA also offers a special variant for workstations with screens, classrooms and work involving close inspections. It meets the requirements of the unified glare rating (UGR 19).

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