Technology & Products / 10.09.2015
Technology & Products / 10.09.2015

New LED bay light from HELLA

Flexible illumination, reduced installation and maintenance costs and demand-driven approach make LED bay light from HELLA the ideal lighting for Industrial facilities and warehouses

Lippstadt, Germany, 10 September 2015. Brighter and better light for industrial facilities, plants and warehouses: HELLA has developed a new bay light to meet the special requirements created by large spaces with high ceilings. DIY stores, boatbuilder's yards, trade fair or exhibition halls and chilled warehousing – the IL One Highbay bay light has a multitude of uses. HELLA is adding this LED lighting solution to its portfolio where it will join the IL 2 PLUS light line system.


With up to 264 single LEDs, the bay light has two beam angles (90 and 120 degrees) which can be adjusted to shine where required, allowing optimum light distribution throughout the space. Various optics and reflectors allow the lighting to be adapted to the individual requirements of different buildings. Furthermore, the modular construction and the particularly robust design reduce time and effort spent on installation and maintenance. Integrated sensors ensure that the light is only fully illuminated when it is required. This demand-driven approach allows savings beyond those delivered by the normal reduction in consumption that results from using LED technology. Furthermore, the bay light can be used with traditional 250 or 400 watt HQL lamps.

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