Technology & Products / 10.09.2015
Technology & Products / 10.09.2015

Eco CityLine – The new HELLA range with decorative street lighting

Eco CityLine spherical luminaire and Shade combine optically demanding city design with a cost-conscious approach

Lippstadt, 10 September 2015. HELLA has expanded its existing selection of street lighting with the launch of a new product range. As well as the rather more functionally designed Eco StreetLine and Eco RoadLine ranges, the new Eco CityLine range now includes two decorative luminaires in the form of the Spherical Luminaire and Shade.


The slim Eco CityLine Shade offers a distinctive look while the classic Eco CityLine Spherical Luminaire is intended primarily to replace existing spherical luminaires. Both lamps are equipped with an autonomous Eco Circle light module, available with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. HELLA also offers the module in a choice of three light colors (2700, 3000 and 4000 Kelvin). The Eco Circle light module is enormously economical and has a working life of approximately 60,000 operating hours, representing an average of twelve years.


The modular design of the lamps means the Eco Circle module can easily be replaced with updated cutting-edge models in future. As well as the cost savings generated through the use of LED technology in both lamps, the integrated phase circuit allows further reductions in consumption thanks to a 50 percent night-time dimming capability.


Felix Hoffmann-Becking, Marketing and Sales Manager of HELLA's Industries division, commented: "The Eco CityLine reflects our continued focus on modular street lighting design. In response to high demand, with the Eco CityLine we are now also offering complete luminaires based on the autonomous Eco Circle module."


Light is an essential element of a cityscape. As well as refurbished frontages, cleaned-up town squares and bustling pedestrian zones, it is above all light that shapes the face of a city. Streetlights that integrate harmoniously in their environment can therefore make a significant contribution to the attractiveness of a cityscape. With its new Eco CityLine series, HELLA is reconciling requirements for optically demanding city design with the cost-conscious approach of many municipalities. At the same time, it is enhancing its existing more functionally designed range with include two decorative top-mounted luminaires.

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