Technology & Products / 11.01.2016

Better Lighting and Greater Safety Out at Sea ‒ With HELLA of Course

The lighting specialist will be presenting innovative LED solutions at the world's largest water sports trade show // Highlights: Sea Hawk XLB LED deck floodlight, EuroLED 75 deck floodlight and Module 70 LED, generation IV

Lippstadt, Germany, January 11, 2016. At "boot" in Düsseldorf, the world's leading water sports trade show, lighting expert HELLA will be presenting the company's latest LED lighting systems for recreational boats from January 23 through January 31, 2016. HELLA's portfolio ranges from navigation lights, to deck lights, through to indoor and outdoor lights as well as accent lighting. These all make use of innovative LED technology, which has numerous characteristic advantages, such as lower power consumption, more versatile designs and a very long service life. The topic of efficiency plays a particularly important role on board a boat. The highlights at HELLA's booth (booth G59.2, hall 10) are primarily the Sea Hawk XLB LED deck floodlight, the EuroLED 75 ceiling light and the fourth generation of the Module 70 LED work light.

With the Sea Hawk XLB LED deck floodlight, HELLA is extending its existing series to include the brightest LED version so far, with 2,200 lumens. The deck floodlight is available with three different lenses, depending on the illumination requirements. While the wide lens illuminates areas in close proximity and is ideal for applications involving the cockpit, bow or work area, the spotlight variant offers concentrated light distribution for sailing, illuminating objects in the water or docking, for example. The extra linear illumination pattern, which resembles that of a searchlight with an extremely narrow beam angle of just five degrees, is perfect for locating objects more than 30 meters away, such as buoys and landings. The housing of the Sea Hawk XLB is also injection molded from an innovative, non-metallic, thermally-conductive polymer. The unit can therefore withstand the harsh conditions that prevail at sea as well as optimally dissipate the heat generated by the electronics without the need for an external aluminum heat sink.

HELLA's booth will also be used to showcase the new EuroLED 75 ceiling light for indoor and outdoor lighting applications involving the flybridge, bow and cabin and washroom areas, for example. This light has a sophisticated optics system which creates a wide beam of very homogenous illumination. The appearance of the light is itself homogeneous and the individual LEDs are concealed when it is switched on and off, thus avoiding any unpleasant glare from very bright single LEDs. The light is easy to install: It can be secured with screws or a sprung clip holder and comes pre-cabled for a standard circular cut-out. Only the highest quality materials have been used to manufacture the hermetically sealed EuroLED 75. They will not corrode, fade or become brittle in the tough marine environment. Innovative thermally conductive materials based on ceramics provide the optimum means to disperse the heat created by the LEDs, extending the life of the light substantially. The ceramic-filled plastic housing is also completely corrosion-proof.

With its Module 70 LED Generation IV, HELLA has introduced a compact deck floodlight that offers very high light output. For the first time, it has been possible for this compact construction to achieve LED light outputs comparable to those of xenon lights. Equipped with 3 high-performance multichip LEDs, the Module 70 LED is rated to 2,500 lumens while consuming just 30 watts of energy. Pre-fitted with marine cable, this work light can be installed quickly. Furthermore, it is coated with the new CoroSafe technology from HELLA, which is particularly suitable for the tough marine climate. Two extra layers and the combination of different coating processes offer improved protection from damage and make the headlamp substantially more resistant to corrosion. The Module 70 LED is therefore ideal for use in the difficult conditions at sea.
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