Technology & Products / 16.02.2015
Technology & Products / 16.02.2015

Range of products in the new 2015/16 air-conditioning catalog from Behr Hella Service expanded once again

Controls adopted as a new product group

Schwäbisch Hall, 16 February 2015. The new catalog "A/C equipment Passenger cars and light trucks 2015/16" from thermal management expert Behr Hella Service will be available from March 2015, having been expanded once again and now including the product group of controls for blending flaps. The catalog with more than 1,100 pages, which covers vehicle-specific spare parts and universal parts for vehicle air conditioning for cars and vans as well as air conditioning compressor oils, has been expanded with over 10 additional vehicle makes and around 200 vehicle models. It contains a total of over 2,700 items for 68 different vehicle makes and almost 1,900 vehicle models, including all bodywork designs.


The new air conditioning catalog also presents over 190 alternative products, which are offered alongside the corresponding Behr Hella Service original part in the area of air conditioning compressors and condensers. These are particularly suitable for repairs to older vehicles that reflect their current value. The catalog features a very clear layout: all newly added parts are set out at the beginning, with all discontinuations at the end. In addition, specially created symbols help make the product characteristics easy to understand. It is always stated whether the condenser, evaporator or interior blower is fitted with a filter dryer, expansion valve or blower controller.


The new catalog will be available from trade partners or directly from HELLA as of March 2015.

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