Technology & Products / 19.01.2016
Technology & Products / 19.01.2016

Genius Cab nominated for bauma Award in the 'Design' category

The cabin, which was developed by the 'Concept Cab Cluster', has an impressive, human-centered design

Großhelfendorf, 19 January 2016. The Genius Cab has been nominated for the bauma Innovation Award in the 'Design' category. The cabin is the brainchild of the newly formed 'Concept Cab Cluster' (CCC), a network of well-known OEM suppliers and reputable scientists from the sector, and will be presented to the trade public for the first time at the bauma trade fair in April 2016. The Cluster's members include the following companies: AURORA, BOSCH, Fritzmeier, GRAMMER, HELLA, HYDAC, MEKRA Lang, SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, S.M.A., design agency Lumod, the Technical University (TU) of Dresden and the German Association of the Construction Industry, Environmental Technology and Mechanical Engineering ('VDBUM'), and Max Bögl. The aim is to make clear the enormous potential of efficient system integration to OEMs in the construction machinery industry and in agricultural engineering as well as to producers of industrial trucks and forklifts. Accordingly, the Genius Cab boasts a range of futuristic features from the Cluster partners involved, which set standards on the international markets in terms of safety, operability, driver comfort, maintenance and design.


Safety, comfort and ergonomics for the operators

The guiding principle of 'human-centered design' places the focus on a working place that is as ergonomic as possible through a premium, generously sized interior. Consistent system integration and a relentless focus on the operator increases workplace safety and boosts efficiency. "The key words here are information management and clarity. Accordingly, there is still only one central touch monitor. The emotional appeal to users follows the design approach to the trend of 'cocooning' and thus accommodates people's need for wellbeing and to feel protected", commented Wanja S. Steinmaier, managing director of design agency Lumod, which - together with TU Dresden - was responsible for the cabin's design.


This approach has been maintained on the exterior: inspired by a cut diamond framed in a strong setting, the additionally attached, modular Exo-ROPS/FOPS supports, together with the plastic cladding elements, the cabin's glass cab with faceted window surfaces. These provide plenty of visibility and reduce any undesired distortion effect through their specific angular alignment. Emphasis is also placed on system integration in the exterior design. The protection rails positioned in the blind spot of the A-pillars not only function as a part of the roll-over protection cage but also act as a handrail, cable conduit and signature element through their LED lighting, and support the cooling of the integrated work light LEDs. These are able to exclude specific sections of the illumination, to avoid dazzling effects. In the case of a wheel loader for example, the raised scoop can be faded down and the light directed past it.


The unmistakable silhouette of the Genius Cab is a graphical representation of its innovative power and emphasizes its brand-building character. This potential is further increased by the light lines that give it shape, and which can be adapted on a brand-specific basis. Indeed the recognition of brand affiliation, and a unique and distinctive design are becoming increasingly important in the off-highway sector as well.


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