Technology & Products / 20.07.2015
Technology & Products / 20.07.2015

HELLA Starters and Alternators: TiMEFiT is now HELLA VALUEFIT

HELLA VALUEFIT Products ideal for repairs in line with current values // Price and product lifetime adapted to vehicle age

Lippstadt, July 20, 2015. The TiMEFiT starter and alternator range is now called HELLA VALUEFIT. The product range for repairs in line with current values was presented for the first time at Automechanika last year. Currently consisting of worklights, single function lights and multi-function lights, the product range will be extended to include starters and alternators from June 2015.


For vehicles with low current values in particular, HELLA VALUEFIT products represent an ideal solution, as they meet all requirements in terms of functionality and quality. By contrast, the price and service life are adapted to the vehicle's age and therefore help make repair and maintenance affordable. This means that garages can make more attractive offers for the repair of older vehicles and thus improve their own appeal.


HELLA VALUEFIT starters and alternators are recognizable by their changed packaging design and are listed under a new description in the online and print catalogues. More detailed information about HELLA’s range of starters and alternators can be found at

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