Technology & Products / 22.05.2015
Technology & Products / 22.05.2015

Renault puts their faith in HELLA LED Technology for the new Espace

A full LED combination rear lamp with a complex design lends the vehicle a distinctive appearance // an ice cube design adds visual accents

Lippstadt, Germany, May 22, 2015. In the new Renault Espace, form and function come together in an elegant combination. As a result, the fifth generation of the French crossover - first introduced as an “Initiale Paris” concept car at the IAA - is not only multifunctional and spacious, but also boasts an exceptional design. The design of the rear of the vehicle continues to elegantly integrate form and function. For this design, the French automobile manufacturer relies on the long-standing experience of the lighting expert HELLA, who gave the combination rear lamp a complex shape and equipped it with innovative LED technology.


The distinctive and dynamic appearance of the new Espace can be contributed to the complex design of the two-part lamp that is embedded into the rear of the vehicle and the tailgate. At the same time, a visual extension of the vehicle is achieved through the division of the lamp into two parts. This effect is especially strong when the indicator is activated, which is also horizontally embedded into both parts. In addition, the signature of the light guide technology-based tail light highlights the overall appearance of the crossover by passing through the entire lamp in a powerfully curved line. An auxiliary lens positioned in front of the light guide adds further visual accents through the interplay of brushed and smooth coatings. The brushed sections only partially allow the light to pass, creating a similar visual effect as when light shines through an ice cube. Hence, the design was named ‘Ice Cube Design.” Furthermore, the full LED combination rear lamp features a chrome inlay, something that is typical for vehicles produced by the French automaker (with the exception of the back-up light, all light functions use LEDs). Parallel to the indicator and stop light, the inlay extends across both parts of the lamp. Finished with an elegant, jet black piano lacquer, the combination rear lamp seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of the vehicle.

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