Technology & Products / 24.06.2015
Technology & Products / 24.06.2015

Faster and safer firefighting with HELLA LED lighting

Fire service supplier Rosenbauer equips new Panther airport fire trucks with LED worklights from HELLA

Lippstadt, Germany, June 24, 2015. Rosenbauer, a supplier of equipment to fire services around the world, has opted for LED worklights from HELLA for the lighting in its new Panther airport fire trucks. The new Panther was presented to the public for the first time at Interschutz, the major international trade fair for fire protection, disaster control, emergency ambulance and security services in Hanover and the new design, which had up to then been wrapped in secrecy, was revealed. The Panther is one of the most successful, efficient and variable airport fire trucks used in the world. Its strong performance and its multi-award-winning design make it the most cutting edge fire truck currently available. As well as offering a high level of crew safety, improved driving dynamics, optimized firefighting performance and more convenient operation, the Panther also benefits from HELLA's latest generation of LED worklights.



The lighting for the RM80 roof turret, which outputs up to 9,000 liters of water per minute, is provided by two Ultra Beam LED worklights from HELLA. One of these worklights illuminates the area immediately around the vehicle, ensuring an unobstructed view and safe and optimal deployment of the turret which can be rotated through 250° (depending on other structures, such as rotating beacons). The second Ultra Beam provides long-range illumination so that the water can be directed accurately for extinguishing at greater distances. The Ultra Beam LED is certified to IP6K9K and is therefore robust enough to withstand the tough conditions it is exposed to on a fire run. Nor do widely varying temperatures present a problem: the Panther is used in very hot countries, in the Middle East, for example and also in extremes of cold, such as those typical of Russia.



Ten Flat Beam LED worklights on the side walls of the vehicle illuminate the surrounding area. The Flat Beam produces homogeneous and glare-free illumination which makes the area safer for the crews to work in.



The Panther is also available on request with FLEXILIGHT, an extendible light mast with eight HELLA Ultra Beam LED headlamps. This provides additional illumination of the area surrounding the vehicle when it is deployed to the scene of a fire. With the focus setting on the FLEXILIGHT it is possible to illuminate specific points around the vehicle very accurately.
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