Company / 03.03.2020
Company / 03.03.2020

Hella Pagid goes to Swedish Lapland

Brand ambassador Timo Scheider is using Hella Pagid design rally cars in Swedish Lapland from December 2019 to the end of March 2020

Essen, February 2020. Hella Pagid goes to Swedish Lapland? Admittedly, it sounds interesting. But how much of a connection is there between the idyllic, sleepy, magical winter landscape and Hella Pagid?


From December until April, the automotive industry and automotive supply sector have a firm grip on the remote northern region of Scandinavia. They test new products and offer customers the chance to learn how to drive in extreme weather conditions.


For the first time, we at Hella Pagid used the opportunity of working with our brand ambassador and two-time DTM champion Timo Scheider and the events agency "Triple X Adventures" to take our guests on an extensive driving safety training programme in this surreal landscape. The guests also included our brand ambassador Jimmy Pelka and his business partner Salah Alamoudi (owners and co-founders of PP-Performance, the leading vehicle tuning company worldwide


Timo Scheider ( and experienced racing drivers Christian Menzel and Kevin Strohschänk were waiting for Hella Pagid and its guests on site. What lay ahead was a four day ice action session with snowmobiles, carts, buggies and three AUDI RX3 TSM rally cars modified for use on the ice (based on an AUDI RS3) with approximately 500 hp. The test tracks were located on a frozen lake in Arvidsjaur, Sweden.


One of the main focuses of the multi-day driving safety training programme was using more engine power under extreme conditions in a controlled way. This included learning about controlled braking manoeuvres on ice as well as full braking applications. The participants also learnt how to safely yet quickly drive through corners in the rally cars from Team Scheider Motorsport, which came equipped with spikes. As each round passed, the drivers were put more and more through their paces. The drivers were in contact with the professional racing drivers via a radio at all times.


After a few rounds and countless corners, the participants learnt how to drift in a controlled way over the (roughly) 2.5 kilometre stretch of ice. At first, the drifts were unstable, but, over the course of the driving safety training, they became more and more steady: it was about delicately using the steering lock angle and the brake and accelerator pedals.


After several days of the driving safety training program, there was a Hella Pagid product training session. Participants learnt the importance of a braking system, which is largely responsible for passenger safety.


After four days, and with countless defining experiences and increased driving safety, the participants made their way back to Germany – a different world.

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