Company / 15.08.2018
Company / 15.08.2018

Hella Pagid sends customers on the race track

Actually sitting inside a race car -- that's what many motorsport enthusiasts dream of. For customers of Hella Pagid, this dream actually came true.

Essen, August 15th, 2018. Hella Pagid Brake Systems, the joint venture of automotive supplier TMD Friction and HELLA, invited more than 20 key customers from the Russia, the Arab Emirates, Sweden, Turkey and Romania to the Nurburgring for two days in early July 2018. "For the first time, we've organized a so-called "Customer Trackday" for strengthening relations with our top customers," explains Noel Caillat, Sales Director at Hella Pagid.

In the context of presentations, customers at first heard about the many aspects of the product portfolio and latest product novelties. The uncontested highlight of the event then consisted in being a racecar passenger on the Nurburgring. Riding shotgun, customers raced on the shortened Grand Prix track of the Nurburgring for four rounds of 3.6 km each. "It is amazing to experience how the driver found the right braking points for every single lap. You also strongly experience the centrifugal forces pushing you against the side walls of the bucket seats," remembers Timo Krämer, Marketing Manager at Hella Pagid. The forces acting on the body during braking, steering and accelerating were up to 1.8 g during Trackday. When racecar drivers enter curves in real races, this can go up to 3 g, depending on the racetrack. For comparison: when pushing on the gas pedal in a normal car (approx. 140 PS), drivers will experience some 0.3 g.

For the race, customers could choose between race cars AUDI R8 GT4 LMS and Ferrari 458 GT3 of racing one. Since early 2018, Hella Pagid is premium sponsor of the motorsport team from Andernach. "Thanks to sponsoring, we could provide our customers with an experience that will surely stay with them for a long time," says Thomas Gorkow, Director Product Management & Marketing at Hella Pagid. "Many did not want to get out of the car anymore at the end of the race."

A similar driving pleasure can be experienced by anyone when playing video game Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation and Forza Motorsport for xBox. In these probably best-known motorsport games, fans can drive a Hella Pagid vehicle in a virtual world and thereby dominate the racetrack. They can currently drive the Ferrari 458 GT3 and the two Audi models R8 GT4 LMS.
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Customer Trackday
Customer Trackday
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