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The Hella Pagid Brake Systems brake pad range contains more than 1,400 articles manufactured under 50 individual proprietary formulas. The formulas are designed to exactly match the features of the various vehicle types, brake systems, engine performance, driving loads and braking characteristics. In addition, disc brake systems from Hella Pagid Brake Systems are available for almost 100 % of the vehicles operating on European roads.

At Hella Pagid Brake Systems, we think tests are extremely important. Not only do we test products at the group's own research and development center, but also on the roads, under real conditions. The standards that they must meet are always the exacting requirements and performance specifications of the vehicle and braking system manufacturers. Our exhaustive validation program puts our brake pads through nearly 200,000 road test miles and 1,000 hours of extensive lab testing before they are released into production. For Hella Pagid Brake Systems, maximum safety and performance are key. For details of all the benefits offered by our products, please click here:

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Our philosophy

Each vehicle places a particular demand on the brake pads. A heavy, high-performance car, for example, will require a different brake pads to a light, low-powered one.

For us, that is more than good enough reason to develop each brake pad according to the individual requirements of each individual vehicle. A range of over 50 variants ensures that the brake pad fits every vehicle. In addition, during development, we also take into consideration the brake disc, which is the part that will come into contact with the lining, in order to maximize brake power.

All these measures mean that, on average, it takes two years to develop a new friction material.

Product benefits

What makes us special and creates more value for you?

  • OE expertise
    Leading car manufacturers trust the quality of our original equipment. That goes for all segments. While we provide equipment for high-performance sports cars, such as the Porsche 911, on the one hand, on the other hand we also supply products for small cars like the Audi A1. We transfer this expertise to the independent aftermarket so that you always stop safely.
  • European production
    All brake pads are produced in the EU. We have the utmost trust in the ability of our staff and provide ongoing investment in training them. This way we can guarantee consistently high quality and outstanding brake performance that you can trust.
  • 100% in-house production
    Hella Pagid Brake Systems covers the entire development and production process. To have total control such as this gives us an invaluable competitive advantage. It means that we can be confident when we say that we offer only the best quality.
  • Hella Pagid beats EDE-R90
    Hella Pagid does not just fulfil this regulation, but surpasses it by a long way. For example, ECE-R90 does not test comfort or durability. We do this so we can offer you a true premium product. ECE-R90 is a legal guideline. It requires every manufacturer to ensure that the quality of brake pads and brake shoes in free replacement parts retail does not deviate by more or less than 15% from that of the OE item. (Please insert the overview of ECE-R90 with HPBS for comparison).
  • Coverage
    We cover 99% of the market in western Europe with our brake pads. For you, this means that if you tell us your brake pad, we have it.


General brake lining production

  • The lining back plate is sandblasted to clean the surface and to ensure that the adhesive binds perfectly.
  • Adhesive is applied to the lining back plate. This adhesive binds the back plate to the friction material or intermediate layer.
  • Various raw materials are used to create the friction material or intermediate layer. The main job of the friction material is to ensure that the friction factor is stable under all operating conditions, and that the noise and wear charteristics are acceptable. If required, a 2mm-thick intermediate layer is inserted between the friction material and the back plate. This intermediate layer helps to provide a better binding between the friction material and the back plate, provides thermal insulation, and reduces noise.
  • The friction material, together with the intermediate layer if present, is compressed onto the back plate so that the forward portion of the brake lining protrudes.
  • The brake pad is hardened.
  • The brake pads is ground to the working thickness.
  • Almost all brake pads are chamfered to improve comfort (reduce noise).
  • The brake pad is painted to protect against future corrosion.
  • The required item information is added to the brake pad to identify it.
  • Extra accessories, such as springs, damping plates, wear indicators, additional weights, etc., are mounted.
  • The brake pad is now complete, and is packaged along with any additional loose accessories.
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