Brake shoes and kits
Brake shoes and brake shoe kits

Hella Pagid brake shoes and brake shoe kits

HELLA PAGID brake shoes and brake shoe kits
Brake shoes from Hella Pagid
Brake drums and brake shoes from Hella Pagid Brake Systems are the perfect solution for rear axle applications. With more than 400 brake shoes and 250 brake shoe kits, Hella Pagid covers more than 90% of all vehicles driven in Western Europe. Superlative quality is a given, as are optimum brake performance and service life.

Save time with Hella Pagid brake shoe kits
In addition to the 400 different types of brake shoe on offer, our product range also includes more than 250 brake shoe kits, a very distinct advantage of which is that they include a complete set of parts. Every brake shoe kit is therefore available with additional accessories and wheel brake cylinders to ensure quick, easy, and safe installation.

What's more, 200 of these brake shoe kits come preassembled. This saves time and money in the workshop.

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