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10.10.2023 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid expands product range of deposit-free brake calipers

  • Product range grows: this time by 130 articles to more than 350 brake calipers from a wide range of vehicle brands
  • Strong increase in vehicle applications to around 11,640 vehicle applications; market coverage with German manufacturers of over 70 percent

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24.04.2023 Company

Hella Pagid celebrates its tenth anniversary

  • Since its foundation in April 2013, the joint venture has developed into a leading full-range supplier of brake systems in the independent aftermarket
  • The key factors are the high product coverage and the excellent quality of products and services

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12.01.2023 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid: Range is continuously being expanded

  • Hella Pagid continues to expand its position as the leading full-range supplier in the independent automotive aftermarket
  • Expansion of the range leads to coverage of 6,611 vehicle applications in 2022
  • This covers almost 100 per cent of the European vehicle population

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29.08.2022 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid expands product range of core-free brake calipers

  • Product range grows by 110 items to 222 brake calipers from a wide range of vehicle brands
  • Strong increase in market coverage to around 8,200 vehicle applications

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22.02.2022 Company

Hella Pagid remains the main sponsor of racing one in 2022

Cooperation with racing one enters fifth year

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08.03.2021 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid: Product range is growing continuously

  • Expansion of the product range will lead to coverage of more than 7,000 additional vehicle applications in 2020 alone 
  • This covers almost 100 percent of the European vehicle population 
  • Hella Pagid is thus further expanding its position as the leading full-range supplier in the independent automotive aftermarket

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01.02.2021 Company

Hella Pagid remains the main sponsor of racing one in 2021

Cooperation with motorsport team enters fourth year

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24.07.2020 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid extends its range of brake discs for BMW models

  • One-piece high-carbon and coated grey cast iron brake discs extend the product range for BMW models
  • Economical and fair value alternative for selected BMW models to existing two-piece brake discs

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12.02.2020 Company

Hella Pagid remains the main sponsor of racing one in 2020

Cooperation with Motorsport Team enters its third year

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23.01.2020 Company

Hella Pagid remains sponsor of US-based racing team "Risi Competizione" in 2020

Cooperation extended following successful season 2019

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25.11.2019 Company

Leading tuning company "PP-Performance" with its owner Jimmy Pelka to become Hella Pagid brand ambassador 2020

Collaboration to further strengthen international awareness and presence of the brake system specialist

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13.11.2019 Technology & Products

Hella Pagid: Product range also growing continuously in 2019

Broad product portfolio covers vehicles from the compact class to light commercial vehicles as well as electric and hybrid vehicles

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06.11.2019 Company

Team Scheider Motorsport named as Hella Pagid brand ambassador

Two-time DTM Champion Timo Scheider to represent Hella Pagid in 2020

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16.09.2019 Technology & Products

Hella Pagid expands its brake fluids product range for electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Special brake fluid for electric and hybrid vehicles to complete product range
  • Brake fluids for all types of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles already in the range

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22.08.2019 Technology & Products

Hella Pagid expands product range for light commercial vehicles

  • More than 3,500 spare parts in the programme
  • Wholesalers and workshops benefit from an extensive product portfolio ranging from wearing parts to brake hydraulics

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24.06.2019 Technology & Products

Hella Pagid offers brake pads in original equipment quality for models of the Volkswagen Group in its product range

Wholesalers and independent workshops benefit from original equipment know-how

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18.03.2019 Technology & Products

Hella Pagid expands product portfolio to include further brake pads for electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Front and rear axle brake pads for a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles now available
  • Environmentally friendly, copper-free friction lining formulations for optimum braking characteristics

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05.02.2019 Company

Hella Pagid Remains the Main Sponsor of "racing one"

Brake specialist supports motorsport team in 2019 season as well

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30.11.2018 Workshop & Servizio

IDIR avvia la distribuzione dei prodotti frenanti Hella Pagid

Avvio della collaborazione tra HELLA e IDIR per la distribuzione della gamma frenante Hella Pagid.

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07.11.2018 Company

Hella Pagid is delighted about a successful motorsport season with racing one

racing one achieved top scores in three racing series

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28.08.2018 Garages & Services

Gran Turismo Sport: Stepping on the gas with Hella Pagid

Ferrari and Audi sports cars with the Hella Pagid livery are now available

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01.08.2018 Garages & Services

2018 Automechanika: Hella Pagid presents comprehensive product portfolio for brakes

  • More than 14,000 articles available in the areas of wearing parts, brake hydraulics, liquids and accessories for workshops
  • Definite show-stopper at fair stand: the Ferrari 458 GT3 of the motorsport team "racing one".

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31.07.2018 Company

Hella Pagid beneficiary of new main production plant for brake pads

Automotive supplier TMD Friction expands capacities in Essen

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29.06.2018 Technology & Products

Hella Pagid is extending its product portfolio to include new core-free brake calipers

Initial product range offers 112 brake calipers suitable for a huge diversity of vehicle makes

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24.05.2018 Garages & Services

Workshops profit from comprehensive brake know-how

Hella Pagid strengthens its position as a brake specialist and offers workshops first-class products and services

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03.03.2018 Company

Hella Pagid goes to Swedish Lapland

Brand ambassador Timo Scheider is using Hella Pagid design rally cars in Swedish Lapland from December 2019 to the end of March 2020

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26.02.2018 Company

Hella Pagid Becomes New Main Sponsor of racing one

Essen-based brake specialist Hella Pagid looks forward to a successful motorsports season

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22.02.2018 Technology & Products

Hella Pagid all set for the future: disc brake pads for Tesla models already part of product range

  • Front and rear axle disc brake pads available for Tesla Model S and Tesla X P100D AWD
  • Special copper-free brake pad formulas provide outstanding braking performance

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04.07.2017 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid further develops its range of copper-free brake pads

  • Copper-free brake pads have been an integral part of the product range for years
  • A specially developed material mix ensures the same high braking performance and comfort as with brake pads containing copper
  • By 2025, Hella Pagid wants to offer copper-free brake pads exclusively

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05.05.2017 Company

Hella Pagid is Official Partner at the Third Audi Sport TT Cup

  • Audi Sport TT Cup launches third season
  • Up-and-coming driver Jack Manchester drives with Hella Pagid Logo
  • All Audi TT's equipped with PAGID RACING brake linings

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02.05.2017 Company

Change to the Management Board at Hella Pagid GmbH

  • Henning Schröder is taking on new tasks at the HELLA Group as he leaves the management board of Hella Pagid GmbH
  • New sales director Noël Caillat to start on September 1, 2017

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