Brake pads NAO
Brake pads NAO


Comfort and Performance in Perfect Harmony
Comfort and Performance In Perfect Harmony
Because of all the various physical stresses involved and the differing requirements, so many diverse friction materials are used all over the world. As it is mainly friction materials with a small metal content which are used in Europe ("low met"), our latest development targets the markets outside the European continent.

The NAO brake pads from HELLA PAGID stand out convincingly from all others because of the maximum amount of comfort and convenience they offer and also thanks to the minimal brake dust they produce. These pads are, at the same time, exceptionally wear-resistant while still exhibiting spectacular braking performance and strength even when used under the toughest conditions.

Extensive tests have proved that they possess stable friction levels and pressure development and that they also boast progressive braking performance even at high temperatures. Slight brake fade, good brake control whenever applied and consistent brake power are all the ingredients which make for optimal performance.
Brake pads

Product benefits

Glove with brake lining
  • Perfect brake control
  • Long service life, low wear rate on the pad and the disc
  • Minimal brake dust accumulation
  • 100 percent asbestos-free and organic
  • Maximum comfort
  • High safety level
  • Stable and high coefficient of friction
  • Excellent technology and quality

Best test results

The NAO brake pads to come out of the HELLA PAGID ateliers have been developed and tested with two definitive objectives in mind - to surpass OE quality standards and also to meet the regional and individual needs of our customers. Extensive tests conducted in our in-house research and development centers unequivocally show that the NAO friction material meets the highest technical demands when it comes to safety, performance, comfort and durability and has indeed passed such tests with flying colors.


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