Brake calipers
Brake calipers

Brake calipers

Hella Pagid offers its customers more than 2,000 brake calipers. This product range currently consists of more than 350 new parts with no deposit system and over 1,800 remanufactured brake calipers. The brake calipers, more than 350 in total, which are available as core-free new parts, are, at the same time, also on offer as replacement items. The portfolio of these new brake calipers serves all the top movers of the European vehicle fleets.

In the light of growing demand amongst end consumers for repairs appropriate to the market value of their vehicles, garages and drivers are increasingly looking to reconditioned parts such as our brake calipers as attractive alternatives. This growing interest in remanufactured parts can be explained by such factors as a larger proportion of older vehicles and their longer overall useful life. Beyond this, "green" concerns are playing an increasingly significant role as reconditioned exchange parts can save valuable resources and help to protect the environment.
When it comes to product safety, however, no expenses are saved. Regardless of whether it’s a new or reconditioned part, safety standards are uniformly high and demanding.
The reconditioning process is therefore subject to precisely defined procedures and standards. For example, all safety-related components and rubber parts are fully replaced. The remaining components are all reworked. This means that a replacement brake caliper from Hella Pagid meets the highest safety and quality requirements.

You can find more information about our remanufactured brake calipers in our brochure, Return Guidelines for Remanufactured Brake Calipers. Please note that these return guidelines only apply within Europe.


Brake calipers - core-free new parts

New core-free parts extend the brake caliper portfolio of Hella Pagid

HPBS Newman Brake calipers
Until 2018 Hella Pagid has used a deposit system exclusively in its trading with replacement brake calipers. But now a formula has been found in order to cover the great demand for alternative solutions which can dispense with this deposit system used for reconditioned brake calipers.
Hella Pagid is one step ahead of the market's curve because the launching of its new core-free brake calipers on the Aftermarket offers a convenient and profitable solution to the wholesale trade and especially to workshops. The product range will include 350 brake calipers suitable for the most diverse vehicle brands, thus covering the vast majority of European fleets.

Features & benefits:
  • Easy handling thanks to dispensing with core deposit processing
  • No capital tied up with core deposits
  • More warehouse capacities
  • Premium accessory kit

The new Hella Pagid core-free brake calipers meet or even exceed all the valid criteria and legal specifications as regards audited production processes, product tests and also product quality. So for this reason Hella Pagid is proud to be the first supplier on the European market with a common-sense solution and a worthwhile alternative to the tried-and-tested remanufactured calipers with core deposit processing.

Another difference in comparison to the remanufactured calipers is the type of brake caliper accessories available. With the new brake calipers, premium accessories are on offer, accessories which include grease, kits with guide bolts and also rubber parts and screws. The result is that time-consuming cleaning or the expensive purchasing of guide bolts is no longer necessary. Hella Pagid recommends that every time the brake calipers are replaced the guide bolts should also be replaced. This ensures that the sliding mechanism of a floating caliper functions perfectly and that, among other things, uneven or increased wear of the brake pads and also brake noise can be prevented. Yet more reasons that prove the worth of these new brake calipers.



EPB - A system with a future
The vision of a self-driving car that can deal with any situation imaginable is slowly becoming a reality. EPB technology already plays a key role at the current development stage of this project. Other aspects also point to a bright future for EPB.
  • More interior comfort
  • Hill-hold assist
  • Fuel consumption
  • Auto hold
  • Emergency braking
  • Rollover protection
  • Static braking
  • Automatic deactivation/activation

Key function for the EPB brake caliper
Important elements of the electronically controlled system are the EPB switch, an electronic control unit and the EPB brake caliper.
The latter also serves as the base element of the EPB as this brake caliper features an additional electric motor that actuates the electronic parking brake by excerpting pressure on the piston by way of a gear, which in turn excerpts pressure on the brake linings and disks. The parking brake is therefore integrated in a space-saving manner directly in the EPB brake caliper.

Brake calipers - Core-free new parts.
Core-free new parts.
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