Mounting paste
Hella Pagid mounting paste

Hella Pagid mounting paste – The metal-free permanent lubricant for brake systems

In order to ensure safe functioning in the long term, the wheel brake must undergo regular maintenance. During maintenance, all mechanical parts should be greased with a temperature-resistant, non-metallic, permanent lubricant. When doing so, always ensure that the lubricant is suitable. To eliminate all risks and prevent possible malfunctions in the highly sensitive safety systems (ABS, electronic stability programs) while driving, we recommend that you use HELLA PAGID mounting paste.

Product characteristics:
-Free of particulate matter

-Universal use at all lubrication points in the vehicle
-On brake and coupling systems
-As a battery terminal grease

HELLA PAGID assembly paste is available as a 75ml tube and as a 5.5ml sachet.